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Obama will not go to G8 in Sochi unless Putin withdraws troops from Ukraine

05.03.2014 | Source:




Obama will not go to G8 in Sochi unless Putin withdraws troops from Ukraine. 52322.jpeg
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During the telephone conversation between U.S. President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Obama said that he would not go to the G8 summit in Sochi, unless Putin withdraws Russian troops from Ukraine.

All G8 members have suspended preparations for the summit in Sochi. Obama urged G7 leaders to meet, without Russia's participation, to discuss the Ukrainian crisis.

Japan stated that the crisis in Ukraine would not affect the agreement with Russia. The UK government, according to the media, is not going to introduce a trade embargo against Russia. The UK introduced only visa restrictions instead.

Canada and the United States have suspended military cooperation with Russia. Trade restrictions touched upon the ties between the States and the Russian Federation. The discussion of EU sanctions against Russia will take place on Thursday, March 6.

On March 1, the Federation Council allowed Vladimir Putin to use a limited contingent of the Russian army in Ukraine. Putin said at a press conference on March 4 that there was no need to use the troops in Ukraine.



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