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UK to exclude Russia from Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

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The British government intends to deprive Russia of another platform on the international arena - the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), the head of delegation of the Federation Council in the Crimea, Russia's representative to PACE, Igor Morozov said.

Morozov was skeptical about the move of the British government  making it clear that the organization was unlikely to approved the decision. Morozov also doubts that possible European sanctions will seriously affect the Russian economy thanks to Russia's BRICS partners.

"Without Russia, solving political and economic problems in Europe is impossible," he stressed out. "We want to focus our attention on nationalism, neo-Nazism, which became apparent to all witnesses of the Maidan," concluded Morozov.

Morozov also said that he did not understand the stance of the EU and the U.S. that supported the Maidan. According to the official, their actions took opposition to a standstill. The presidential election will not lead to the legitimacy of the government.

Earlier, the British government reportedly refused from the use of economic sanctions against Russia, noting that the UK rejected the idea of ​​an armed conflict in Europe. Previously, the United Kingdom, however, froze preparations for the G8 summit in Sochi.

The Government of Japan also suspended preparations for the meeting, indicating that the conflict in Ukraine was unlikely to affect business relations between Moscow and Tokyo. The President of Latvia refused from the economic blockade of the Russian Federation either.

The talks on the subject of sanctions at the level of foreign ministers will be held on Thursday, March 6.


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