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Ukraine to receive 74 new armored vehicles

02.04.2014 | Source:




Ukraine to receive 74 new armored vehicles. 52505.jpeg

The National Guard of Ukraine is to receive 74 new armored vehicles, Acting CEO of Ukroboronprom (Ukrainian Defense Industry), Yury Tereshchenko said. It is planned to supply a hundred of BTR-3 BTR-4 BTR-80 armored vehicles in total.

The Kharkov Design Bureau of Machine Building named after Morozov will execute the order. The company will supply 58 armored personnel carriers. The Kiev Tank Plant will supply five new BTR-3E and five renovated BTR-80 vehicles. Tank-building companies located in Zhytomyr and Nikolaev will be involved in the execution of the order as well.

The command of the National Guard of Ukraine will be responsible for making decisions about the use of the armored vehicles.

In late March, Ukroboronprom suspended deliveries of weapons and equipment to Russia for the time of the Ukrainian-Russian conflict.


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