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FIFA releases official poster of World Cup 2014 in Brazil

31.01.2013 | Source:



By Diego Veiga

FIFA releases official poster of World Cup 2014 in Brazil. 49251.jpeg
AP photo

This Wednesday (30th January) in the stunning city of Rio de Janeiro, the official poster of World Cup 2014 was presented to the world by Fifa and Local Organization Comitee (COL).

The colourful bill represents the beauty and diversity of Brazil, the host country of the champisonship.

The art which was made by an art creation agency in Brazil, features a map of the country which comes from outlines of footballers legs. Moreover, inside the legs drawings, culture, flora and fauna of Brazil are displayed in order to show the features of the Brazilian nation.

Among authorities and special guests on the event, such important celebreties and authorities attended and participated on the presentation, such as, Fifa's secretary-general Jeróme Valcke; the president of COL José Maria Marin, the best Brazilian female soccer player Marta and the former footballers and current ambassadors of the World Cup 2014 Bebeto and Ronaldo.

According to Jeróme Valcke, the poster is a great example that Brazil is capable and creative.

There are 498 days ahead before the kick off for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, but before that, in June of 2013, the country will receive The Confedarations Cup, in which, besides Brazil, other squads like Italy, Mexico, Uruguay, Tahiti, Spain and Japan will take part of the football event. 





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