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Man runs from Moscow to Sochi for 30 days

07.01.2014 | Source:


Man runs from Moscow to Sochi for 30 days. 51909.jpeg

Famous Russian marathoner Dmitry Erokhin started the race from Moscow to Sochi on Jan. 7 at 10 a.m.

The man will thus run for 1,700 kilometers. Erokhin plans to cover the distance in 30 days, reaching the finish line on 7, the opening day of the Olympic Games.

The run began in the Kremlin. Dozens of runners came to support Dmitry Erokhin. Many of them, including Pravda.Ru correspondent Evgenia Rumyantseva, ran the first 19 kilometers with the man to Domodedovskaya metro station.

Dmitry will run 60 kilometers every day. He will have the company of another amateur runner, Alexey Merkulov, who will be driving by in  a car. The car, in addition to clothes, is loaded with bottles of water, weight control scales, packs of juice and sports drinks.


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