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Qatar may lose the right to hold World Cup in 2022

02.06.2014 | Source:



Qatar may lose the right to hold World Cup in 2022. 52881.jpeg

Qatar may lose the right to host the World Cup in 2022, should the investigation confirm corruption during the choice of the host country, the chairman of the Football Association, Greg Dyke said.

"I think these are very serious allegations, and they must be thoroughly investigated by FIFA," said Dyke. He said that if confirmed, new elections of the hosting country will take place.

According to him, many football experts were puzzled with the election of Qatar as the hosting country for the World Cup. Football traditions are not so popular in this country. Secondly, unbearably hot weather would create intolerable conditions for players.

FIFA Vice-President Jim Boyce said earlier that he would support holding a new vote, should it be proved that ex-president of the Asian Football Confederation, Qatari national Mohamed bin Hammam, gave a bribe of five million dollars to the executive committee of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA  to choose Qatar as the hosting state for the World Cup in 2022.


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