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Father of three robs train with tea, milk and jigsaw puzzles

28.05.2014 | Source:




Father of three robs train with tea, milk and jigsaw puzzles. 52854.jpeg

In Novosibirsk, the police arrested a train robber. The man was arrested at the moment when he was stealing some tea, condensed milk and puzzles.

Transport police detained a 43-year-old resident of the Moshkovsky district of the Novosibirsk region on a railway station. As it turned out, the father of three children stole tea, condensed milk and jigsaw puzzles from the train.

According to the press service of the Office of the Transport Ministry in the Siberian Federal District, the conductor of a passing locomotive noticed the man and reported the incident to the police.

A police dog brought police officers to a private house. The perpetrator of the crime, a husband and father of three children, pleaded guilty and told details of the crime.

He used a garden cart to transport the stolen tea, condensed milk and puzzles to his home. The stolen goods were evaluated at 80,000 rubles ($2,300). The man said that he was unemployed; his family was living on child benefits - the only source of income in the family.

If convicted, the man may spend up to five years in prison.

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