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Man lives in haystack for one month eating snow

28.04.2012 | Source:


Man lives in haystack for one month eating snow. 46971.gif

A man that went missing in March, a resident of Tselinny district of Russia's Altay region, was found during spring farm works. The man was found in a haystack, Interfax reports.

The man left home on March 22nd and never returned. He left his home in a state of alcoholic intoxication. On April 22nd, tractor drivers found the man in one of the fields, some 10 kilometers far from the village, where the man lived.

The man said that he had lost his way home. He saw a haystack and got into it not to freeze to death in the field. He has been living in the stack for a whole months. He was eating hay as food as snow as water.

The man was taken to a local hospital. Doctors said that he had had his toes frostbitten. The patient's whole body was exhausted, they added. The man said that he had decided to stay in the stack not to get lost even more. 


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