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Young woman robbed of valuable rare kitten and half million rubles in Moscow

24.06.2014 | Source:




Young woman robbed of valuable rare kitten and half million rubles in Moscow. 53026.jpeg

Two perpetrators, pretending to be interested in buying a feline of a rare breed, robbed the owner of the cat, stealing 500,000 rubles ($14,300) along. The cost of the kitten is estimated at about 440,000 rubles. 

The two intruders robbed the apartment on Lublinskaya Street in southern Moscow. The attackers introduced themselves as the buyers of the kitten. Then, threatening the woman with a gun, they took 500 thousand rubles and the kitten of the rare breed. The victim, born in 1988, evaluated the animal at 440,000 rubles, LifeNews reports. 

The stolen kitten is a caracal that originates from the Turkish "karakulak", which means "black ears". Owing to typical black tufts on eartips, the caracal cat was dubbed as the desert lynx, although they have nothing in common with the predator. The closest relative of caracal is puma and African serval. Caracals are easily tamed and trainable, provided that young animals are born and raised in captivity.


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