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US Justice Department criticized for expensive muffins and coffee

21.09.2011 | Source:



US Justice Department criticized for expensive muffins and coffee. 45429.jpegThe US Justice Department has faced tough criticism lately over groundless spending. It transpired that the department was purchasing expensive coffee and muffins for participants of conferences. A cup of coffee was $8, whereas the muffins were priced at $16 apiece.

Auditors studied ten conferences, which were conducted in the 2008-2009 fiscal year. It turned out that the conferences cost the department the total of $121 million. The authors of the auditing report said that it was a huge waste of money. Such spending is especially unreasonable during the time of the financial crisis, said.

Auditors found out that the Justice Department spent $16 per each of 250 muffins for the legal conference, which took place at the end of August of 2009 in Washington.

It was later revealed that the department was attracted to some free cheese in a mousetrap. A number of hotels were providing their halls for conferences free of charge. In return they asked organizers to pay for overpriced food and drinks, RBC reports.


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