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Russian student hacked 110 million cards of American customers

21.01.2014 | Source:


Russian student hacked 110 million cards of American customers. 51980.jpeg

A California-based company specializing in web security, accused a 17-year-old teenager from St. Petersburg of creating software that caused the leakage of credit and debit cards data of 110 million U.S. customers of Target shopping chain, Buzzfeed said citing USA Today.

According to IntelCrawler, an unnamed Russian sold the malicious software that he created for two thousand dollars to tens of cybercriminals from Eastern Europe.

According to USA Today, it was Brian Krebs, a popular blogger who writes about online security, who posted the information on his Twitter. CNN said that, according to Krebs, the Russian was not working alone and may have had a hacker friend from Ukraine.

In December, hackers obtained the data of over 40 million customers of Target retail stores. It goes about all important data, including PIN codes. According to recent reports, the number of customers, who were affected by the security breach, reached 110 million people.


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