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Bolshoi theater acid victim to receive two more surgeries

21.01.2013 | Source:


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Sergei Filin, the choreographer of the Bolshoi ballet, who became a victim of an acid attack, will receive two new surgeries in the near future.

The first one will take place on Tuesday, January 21st, when he is going to have most damaged tissues of his face removed. In addition, doctors take their best effort to restore the man's eyesight. On Wednesday, the artist is expected to have a second surgery on his eyes.

Doctors said that Filin takes it all courageously and does not give way to despair. The dynamics of patient's condition is generally positive, although the recovery will take a long time, chief ophthalmologist of the Health Department of Moscow, Larisa Mashetova said.

The results of forensic examinations showed that the artistic director of the Bolshoi Theatre suffered from the attack of sulfuric acid.

The patient stays at Moscow's Hospital No.36. Ophthalmologists and doctors, who examined the patient, did not find any signs of secondary infection. The patient received his first eye surgery on Friday.

The choreographer was transferred from intensive care to a regular room, where he was visited by Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky and director of the Bolshoi Theater Anatoly Iksanov.

The attack on the artistic director of the Bolshoi Theater was committed on January 17, when a masked man threw acid in his face and fled the scene. Sergei Filin was hospitalized with burns to the face, head and eyes. According to friends and colleagues artist, the brutal attack is likely to be associated with his work.



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