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Country singer Mindy McCready commits suicide

18.02.2013 | Source:




Country singer Mindy McCready commits suicide. 49428.jpeg

A popular American country singer Mindy McCready committed suicide on February 18th. She was 37 years old.  

According to the Arkansas State Police, the singer was found dead with a gunshot wound on Sunday, on the porch of her home in Heber Springs. The reasons that pushed Mindy McCready to commit suicide are not clear yet.

Mindy McCready's career began in a church choir, where she had been singing from early childhood. At 18, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee, which is known as "the capital of country music." In 1996, she released her debut album - Ten Thousand Angels. The album went multi-platinum. The singer has released five albums during her career.

Mindy had two children left, aged 12 months and six years.




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