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Brazilian farmer impales himself on chainsaw

14.06.2013 | Source:


Brazilian farmer impales himself on chainsaw. 50342.jpeg

A Brazilian farmer drove 50 miles to a hospital with a chainsaw sticking out of his stomach. It took doctors 2.5 hours to remove the chainsaw from the man's body, Sky News reports.

The blade of the instrument was 10 centimeters embedded in the man's body., Vital organs were not hurt.

Fifty-six-year-old Gregorio Steinmedc was working on his farm when he suddenly slipped and impaled himself on the machine. His wife Frieda drove the man to the hospital with the saw still attached to his abdomen. The woman later said that her husband had "seven lives."

The operation lasted for 2.5 hours and was complicated by the fact that Steinmedс had a transplanted liver. 



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