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Crazy helicopter terrifies drivers in Russia

08.09.2012 | Source:


Crazy helicopter terrifies drivers in Russia. 47938.jpeg

The Russian Aviation Agency began to investigate an unusual incident that occurred recently in Russia's Ural region. An unidentified Mi-8 helicopter gave shivers to car drivers as it was flying only a few meters above the road.

The incident occurred on the evening of August 24 in the town of Kamensk-Ural, the Sverdlovsk region. A man, who was driving along a local road, filmed the trick. The chopper flew above the road at a very low altitude. The height was not more than 10-15 meters, or even less.

"I was going to overtake a vehicle at 100 km/h when I heard a strange sound behind me. To be honest, it gave me shivers. I thought that I was going to provoke a car accident with my maneuver, - driver Alexander F. told Life News. - But when I saw a helicopter flying over the roof, I was so startled I nearly flew into the ditch."

The Russian Aviation Agency evinced interest in the incident.

"We are investigating the affiliation of the helicopter, we need to find out whether it was either a military or a civilian one," a representative of the agency said. According to him, if it was a military helicopter, then it could be performing a combat task, which could include a flight at a low altitude.

However, even if the Mi-8 was a civil chopper, its owner can hardly face any punishment. "Helicopters can fly at any altitude. In this video, there are no violations. The only thing that bothers me is who owns the aircraft. If it was a military one, then this behavior is more than just acceptable.  It was a training flight, and, perhaps, their route was laid through this roadway," officials said.

An official from the Federal Air Transport Agency believes that one should not dramatize the situation. "People are usually scared of helicopters even if they stand on the ground before taking off. The people who were in the car, on the contrary, they were amazed, and even, I would say, were delighted. The car was traveling straight ahead, nothing bad happened," an official said.

A similar incident has recently occurred in the Rostov region of Russia. A Su-24 bomber aircraft flew above the road at the height of only 30 meters, having horrified the drivers on the road. When the video hit the Internet, the Defense Ministry showed interest in the incident. The pilot was identified soon afterwards: he was a veteran of two Chechen campaigns and of the five-day war with Georgia. The military, however, justified the behavior of the pilot - he was performing an aerial stunt.

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