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Wild badger breaks into light equipment store in Russia

04.04.2014 | Source:



Wild badger breaks into light equipment store in Russia. 52521.png
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In Russia's Khabarovsk, a wild badger went on rampage in a light equipment store. The animal was running about the store, crashing lamps, and then climbed into the drywall construction that covered water pipes in the building, reports.

The excited beast broke the heating radiator form and hid inside. When rescuers arrived to take the animal out, the badger climbed up the stack shaft onto the hung ceiling.

The rescuers eventually caught the animal and took it to a private zoo, Amur Media reports.

At first, it was thought that the beast was actually a raccoon, so it was released into the cage with raccoon dogs. The new lodger scared his "neighbors" and was resettled to a separate cage.

In the zoo, the badger will spend some time before it is released into the wild.

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