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Ukrainian conscripts pay $1,400 to dodge army service

02.04.2014 | Source:



Ukrainian conscripts pay $1,400 to dodge army service. 52503.jpeg

The male population of Ukraine can avoid mobilization for $1,400 (more than 15 thousand hryvnia). One can solve the problem either at hospital or at a local military conscription office.

According to recruits, it is easy to dodge the army service. Officials at a military committee in Kiev said that men most often bring certificates from hospitals. It is hard and time-consuming to find faults with them. A medical certificate costs 2,500 hryvnia.

For $1,400, a recruit can be deleted from conscription list, reports. One thousand dollars of the amount goes to the military conscription office, while $400 goes to mediators, a Kiev resident said.

On March 17, the Verkhovna Rada approved the decree from acting president Alexander Turchinov about partial mobilization.

It was planned to mobilize up to 40,000 soldiers in 45 days. However, the complicated state of affairs in the Ukrainian army makes it impossible to execute the plan. According to experts, the Ukrainian army has neither means nor opportunities for that.

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