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Developed: radar device for non-contact identification of explosive devices

01.08.2002 | Source:



Russia has developed a unique radar unit called "Rodnik" for non-contact identification of explosive devices of any type, the Russian agency for control systems reported on Thursday.

Rodnik was devised at the Central Radio Engineering Research Institute. As its deputy director Oleg Melnichuk explained, it is a non-linear non-contact radar. It detects and defines the location of remote-controlled explosive devices with electronic fuses, and also hidden radio electronic units for eavesdropping, sound recording and unauthorised transmissions.

Rodnik can also be employed to search for people buried under building ruins or snow avalanches. The range of the device is dozens of metres, and it the people have about them power sources /for example, mobile telephone batteries/, even one kilometre. The radar itself is housed in an attache case.

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