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Eating strawberries while drinking alcohol good for your stomach

28.10.2011 | Source:



Eating strawberries while drinking alcohol good for your stomach. 45730.jpegEating strawberries while drinking alcohol may minimize the damage to the mucous membrane of the stomach. A team of Italian, Serbian and Spanish scientists confirmed the protective effect of strawberries as they conducted tests on rats, Bagnet reports.

The rodents were given 40 milligrams of strawberry extract per one kilogram of their weight. The rats ate the dose of the extract for ten days. Afterwards, the rodents were given alcohol. At the end of the tests, the scientists analyzed the condition of the rats' stomachs, Arguments and Facts reports.

It turned out that the rodents that ate the strawberry extract had smaller ulcers in comparison with other rats. The scientists concluded that strawberries activate the body enzymes and the antioxidant protection.

The scientists came to conclusion that strawberries can be an efficient prophylactic measure for the stomach diseases connected with the formation of free radicals or other active forms of oxygen. The most common of such diseases is gastritis or the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach, CNEws said.

Maurizio Battino, coordinator of the research group at the Marche Polytechnic University (UNIVPM, Italy) suggests that "in these cases, the consumption of strawberries during or after pathology could lessen stomach mucous membrane damage." Battino pointed out that the study's aim was not to mitigate the effects of getting drunk but was rather conceived as a way of detecting molecules in the stomach membrane that protect against the harmful effects of various agents.


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