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Young man from Russia invents polyethylene that dissolves in water

21.01.2014 | Source:




Young man from Russia invents polyethylene that dissolves in water. 51981.jpeg

A student of the Kazan National Research Technological University, Ivan Zakharov, created eco-friendly film, an analogue of the film used for the production of plastic bags. The new film dissolves in water in one day. The student said that ordinary plastic bags decompose for up to 1,000 years,  polluting the soil.

Zakharov said that the film he invented was made on the basis of conventional starch. When dissolved in water, water, nitrogen and carbon dioxide are produced as a result of the process, in amounts harmless to humans.

"For example, one car produces as much carbon dioxide as 50 tons of such bags  do," says the student.

Currently, the man is patenting his invention. Several waste-processing companies have already showed interest in the new invention.

Zakharov started the work to create the film four years ago under the direction of the head of the department for food engineering of small businesses, Professor Mstislav Polivanov.

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