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Red wine pills to extend human life expectancy to 150 years

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Red wine pills to extend human life expectancy to 150 years. 49599.jpeg

During the next five years, scientists may create a new medication based on resveratrol - a substance contained in red wine. The medication will be able to extend human life expectancy to 150 years. The new drug, a synthetic version of resveratrol, will have the anti-aging effect on the system by increasing the activity of SIRT1 protein.

Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline currently tests the drug on people suffering from diabetes, cancer and heart diseases. Scientists have proved that an impact on one anti-aging enzyme in the human system is enough to avoid age-related diseases and prolong life expectancy. In the future, the new drug will be able to treat Alzheimer's disease and type II diabetes.

David Sinclair, a professor of genetics at Harvard, said: "In the end, these drugs will cure one disease, but, in contrast to modern medicines, they will prevent the development of 20 other diseases."

The key enzyme, SIRT1, can be activated if ones reduces the intake of calories and increases their physical activity. At the same time, the effect can be enhanced owing to a number of activators, says Mail Online. Red wine resveratrol is most effective, albeit in small quantities, so pharmacists work on full synthetic, yet more powerful analogs of this substance.

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