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Police officer, who stopped Volgograd bomber, awarded posthumously

31.12.2013 | Source:



Police Sergeant Dmitry Makovkin who died to prevent the deaths of dozens of people on December 29 at the railway station in Volgograd, was posthumously decorated with the Order of Courage, an official spokesperson for local Internal Affairs Department said.

Dmitry Makovkin, who noticed the suicide terrorist and stopped her at metal detectors, will be buried on Jan. 2 in Volgograd. His mother, brother and close relatives will all come to bid farewell to their loved one.

Senior police sergeant was on duty at the station on the day of the attack. He stopped  the woman, who was visibly nervous, having thus prevented her from entering the main hall of the station. It was at that moment, when the explosion occurred.

Dmitry Makovkin was born in a small village in Kalmykia Republic in 1984. In 2004, he graduated from the Volgograd Polytechnic College. The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs presented condolences to the relatives of the deceased policeman.

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