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Crimea to have six additional ferries to improve transport communication

29.04.2014 | Source:




Crimea to have six additional ferries to improve transport communication. 52676.jpeg

On Tuesday, an additional ferry will start to navigate between the cities of Novorossiysk and Feodosia. The ferry called "Poseidon Express" is said to transport automotive transport. The boat can transport 120 heavy trucks, officials with the Transport Ministry said.

Furthermore, the press release from the ministry said that up to five ferries would be chartered before May 15 to provide transport communication with the Crimea. The ferries will be of different purposes: passenger, rail, freight car and passenger car.

The measures are said to relieve freight traffic and normalize the situation with the ferry communication with the Crimea. For the time being, the main ferry service between the mainland and the peninsula is carried out with the help of the ferry port Caucasus-Kerch.

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