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Militiamen sell weapons to Chechen rebels

28.11.2000 | Source:



In Shalinsky area of Chechnya 30 men were detained. They are suspected of participation in illegal armed groups. 3 kilograms of explosives, boxes with medicaments, 10 gas-masks and 60 grenades were withdrawn from them. In the settlements of Itum-Kala and Alkhan-Kala ammunition depots were found. There were 15 grenades, 22 grenade cup discharges and a lot of ammunition in the first one, and 25 grenades, 19 grenade cup discharges and ammunition in the second one. The question is: where did it come from? A spokesman for the Public Prosecutor’s office of Stavropol territory said today that that a few militiamen of the Stavropol territory were detained for trade in arms. One of detained militiamen is a head of ammunition depot, where weapons withdrawn from illegal arms dealers were kept. A great bulk of these weapons arrived from Chechnya. A lot of weapons found at the depot were not at the list of account. It turns out that the weapons supposed to be annihilated, were being sold by means of conspiratorial web of dealers. So, the weapons returned to Chechnya?


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