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USA pushed Ukrainians to split, Putin says

27.06.2014 | Source:




USA pushed Ukrainians to split, Putin says. 53052.jpeg

The unconstitutional coup in Ukraine, provoked from the outside, and attempts to impose an artificial choice between Europe and Russia pushed the Ukrainian society to split, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"As for Ukraine, this is what we are particularly concerned about... the unconstitutional coup in Kiev, the attempts to force the Ukrainians make the artificial choice between Europe and Russia pushed the company towards and a painful internal conflict" Putin said at the presentation of credentials on June 27. 

Putin noted that it is mostly civilians, who fall victims of the conflict. 

"In the south-east of the country, people are killed, there is a real humanitarian disaster going on, tens of thousands of refugees are forced to seek shelter, including in Russia. Journalists die performing their professional duties. In violation of all international norms and conventions, diplomats are attacked, as was in the case of the attack on the Russian Embassy in Kiev and the Consulate General in Odessa," RIA Novosti quoted Putin as saying.

From the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis, the United States has been taking efforts to escalate violence, endorsing any actions perpetrated by activists of Euromaidan. It was also said that the core of Euromaidan consisted of right-wing radicals, who had been trained in paramilitary camps funded by the United States. U.S. officials  admitted that they had spent a total of $ 5 billion to fund political projects in Ukraine. This was said by Victoria Nuland.


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