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Tuva is moving along the route of health

26.05.2014 | Source:



In Tuva republic, local authorities launched prophylactic campaign titled "The Route of Health." With the help of this campaign, residents of most remote villages of the republic will be able to receive medical examination and, if necessary, appointments. The initiator of the campaign is the head of the republic, Sholban Kara-Ool. A column of specialized medical vehicles will visit most remote villages of the region.

"Many good things start with pilot projects or certain shares, which then become systematic. This system allows to change the situation considerably, or at least improve it considerably, - Valentina Petrenko, Senator, Chairwoman of the Federation Council Committee for Social Policy and Public Health, told Pravda.Ru. - I fully support the campaign in Tuva and I think that this is very important. Here, unfortunately, not all people live in metropolitan cities. Understandably, transport and the logistics component, is sometimes the obstacle, because which people say, oh well, I'll go to see the doctor later. And then they may end up in a very difficult situation."

The column of vehicles has two mobile medical diagnostic centers based on all-terrain Kamaz trucks, including the mobile fluorography lab and two minibuses for doctors. Brigades of "The Route of Health" have already worked in a test mode. The doctors have visited more than a dozen of villages of Tuva.

The project involves municipal authorities as well. They have the most important task - to educate the population. The culture of health care in our country remains underdeveloped. Many Russians, unfortunately, go to see doctors only when serious problems occur. Meanwhile, as doctors always reiterate, early diagnosis in most cases is essential for successful treatment of patients.

The municipal authorities of Tuva have undertaken organizational issues. They will provide food and night accommodations to workers overnight. In addition, which is important in the republic, they will deliver residents of summer shepherd stops to places, where the column of medical vehicles will make stops.

"This initiative is extremely important for the residents of remote areas of our great country, - Professor of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Honorary Doctor of Russia, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, laureate of the Award of the Russian Government, Yevgeny Lilin told Pravda.Ru. - One can only wish support to this initiative in other regions of the country so that the population could receive best possible medical care that will come to people, instead of people coming to receive it and spend their time in lines."


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