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Boris Dubrovsky and the development of Chelyabinsk

21.03.2014 | Source:


Boris Dubrovsky and the development of Chelyabinsk. 52417.jpeg

During the first two months of service as Acting Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Boris Dubrovsky has proven himself as a true leader in the region. Immediately after his appointment he set specific targets for the development of education, science, culture and ecology.

"The primary objective of the head of the region is to make their region more attractive for business and ensure that the region is not subsidized. From this point of view, of course, when a successful manager becomes governor, he is much more likely to succeed at this task. In addition, attracting business people to public service gives a chance to expand the managerial elite not strictly linked to certain political preferences," said Head of the Department of General Policy of High School of Economics Leonid Polyakov. "If we have successful business people in the regional leadership, of course, this will only help to strengthen the Russian economy and build a very favorable investment climate on the one hand, and on the other hand, create an atmosphere in the region where social problems are resolved and social mandates are met, and people feel that the government is working for them."

Before his appointment Boris Dubrovsky was a top manager of a large industrial enterprise. The Acting Governor made the principle of social responsibility the cornerstone of his policy.

"People do not need excessive shocks, they need real work according to the planned programs. All authorities must comply with the economic, social and legal needs, truly work effectively. We need to change, to take into account people's needs, engage the civil society, political parties and social organizations," said Boris Dubrovsky.

The Acting Governor proposed bold initiatives. Some of them can be implemented independently, while others require involvement at the federal level. Deputies of the State Duma of Russia play an active role in the promotion of these ideas.    

"I think it was a very productive meeting and work. This has never happened under the previous head of the region," Duma deputy Valery Gartung said after talking with Boris Dubrovsky. "I am pleasantly surprised with the work the new governor has done so far. I liked that he was specific, liked his questions, the discussion. I think the results will not take long," said Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Natural Resources, Environment and Ecology Ivan Nikitchuk.

"It all depends on the person, the approach of the team, the team in general. There is no direct causal link between the results and the person's background. It all depends on an individual," said in a conversation with a reporter of Pravda.Ru Dmitry Vyatkin, a member of the State Duma Committee on Civil, Criminal, Arbitration and Procedural Law. "If we talk about the Chelyabinsk region, from my perspective, the appointment of Boris Dubrovsky is a great benefit for the region and for the country as a whole."



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