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Ulyanovsk region builds cooperation with Crimea

20.06.2014 | Source:




The Ulyanovsk region has become one of the first regions to have joined the integration of the Crimea in Russia's national space. The region started to help the new subject of the Russian Federation get used to the new status and build mutually beneficial ties. The sides plan to develop cooperation in almost all spheres, including social.

First and foremost, it goes about the organization of summer holidays for children and adults.

"The cooperation between the Republic of the Crimea and the Ulyanovsk region is a good demonstration of relations between the regions, - Valery Ryazansky, the chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy told Pravda.Ru. - Of course, it helps the new subject of the Federation assimilate. Other regions should benefit from the fact that our country again has such a wonderful place, where one can spend holidays. Of course, the Crimea will benefit from it as well - especially in terms of the material base, salaries to employees and revenues for socio-economic development."

Another important area of ​​cooperation between the Ulyanovsk region and the Crimea is the cooperation in the social sector, including health care.

Thus, on June 10-11, medics from the Ulyanovsk region organized consultative services to residents of Crimea's Feodosia, and this practice can be continued.

"This is what one needs a lot now. There is a serious problem with healthcare in the Crimea. Not so many residents had an opportunity to undergo medical examinations and inspections. I can only welcome such steps," Larisa Popovich, the Director of the Institute of Health Economics at the Higher School of Economics told Pravda.Ru. "Availability of health care services in the Crimea was extremely low. This is a very right thing to do now - now that the Ulyanovsk region decided to help. One needs a lot of money to bring the level of health care in the Crimea to the national average."



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