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Russia and China reach agreement on gas exports

19.05.2014 | Source:




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Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that the agreement on the export of Russian natural gas to China was almost ready.

"In a high degree of readiness are the agreements on exports of Russian natural gas to China. Their implementation will mean the diversification of gas pipeline routes for Russia, and our Chinese partners will be able to reduce the severity of the problems of energy shortage and environmental safety through the use of "clean fuels," said Putin in an interview with China's leading media.

Putin said that Russia and China were currently implementing large-scale projects worth more than $60 billion for the supply of crude oil to China through Skovorodino-Mohe pipeline. This is a very important moment in collaboration of the two countries, Putin said, as "in the turbulence of global economy, strengthening mutually beneficial economic and trade relations and increasing investment flows between Russia and China was becoming of paramount importance. This is a significant factor not only for the socio-economic development of our countries, but also a contribution to the stabilization of the global market."

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