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Putin supports idea of ​​energy trade in rubles

14.08.2014 | Source:


Putin supports idea of ​​energy trade in rubles. 53361.jpeg

During the meeting in Yalta, Crimea, the Russian president supported the idea of energy trade in rubles. However, Putin is against hasty, sloppy steps in this direction.

"This is the right idea, but it requires long and accurate solutions and expert study. We should be striving for it. This is a complex story," said the head of state.

Putin also said that oil trade in dollars is an international practice which is quite difficult to break.

"But this is a one-sided monopoly in this type of activity. In my opinion, it runs counter to the sector of global economy. We try now, where it is appropriate and possible, to negotiate with countries to trade energy carriers in national currencies," Putin said.



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