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Russia to purchase drones for 320 billion rubles

13.02.2014 | Source:




Russia to purchase drones for 320 billion rubles. 52151.jpeg

The Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation will allocate 320 billion rubles to purchase unmanned aircraft for the Armed Forces. According to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, the funding was provided by the state program of armaments before 2020.

The Russian army currently has about 500 drones that are used for reconnaissance, communication and relaying of signals.

Currently, the army of the Russian Federation will receive new drones called "Orlan", "Tachyon", "Aileron" and others. In December 2013, the defense ministry acquired 34 "Aileron - 3SV " drones from Kazan-based company Enix. The contract was evaluated at 100 million rubles.

Sukoi design bureau also develops a combat UAV weighing 20 tons. The company uses T-50 PAK FA technology for the new product. Companies Falcon and Transas work on a five-ton combat UAV.



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