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Russia to test killer of US missile defense, RS-26, later this year

11.10.2013 | Source:




Russia to test killer of US missile defense, RS-26, later this year. 51303.jpeg

The next test launch of a recently declassified Russian intercontinental ballistic missile RS-26 will be made at the end of this year, from Kapustin Yar range ground in the Astrakhan region, Interfax reports with reference to a source in the space industry.

"This is a new missile, of which the Russian Foreign Ministry notified the Americans in accordance with adequate procedures," the source said, declining to specify the specs, which is expected to replace Topol-M mobile missile complexes.

Previously, the prototype of a new ICBM had been tested four times. The last test launch was made on June 6th, the source said. This is the only launch that was officially confirmed by the Ministry of Defense; no details about the missiles have been provided.

The first launch was carried out on September 27, 2011 from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in the Arkhangelsk region and ended with a failure. The missile fell about ten kilometers far from the launch pad.

There is little information about the new missile. It was developed at the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology under the code "Rubezh" ("Frontier"). The missile is launched from a mobile launcher. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin called the missile a "killer of US missile defense." 

The Buk missile system
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