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Putin allows mass meetings in Olympic Sochi

04.01.2014 | Source:




Putin allows mass meetings in Olympic Sochi. 51889.jpeg

Russian President Vladimir Putin personally checked the readiness of Olympic venues for the Winter Games in Sochi. In addition, Putin looked at preparations for the opening ceremony of the Games.

On Friday, January 4th, the president also went skiing on the slopes of "Laura" ski complex. This track does not belong to Olympic facilities and will not be used in the Games, but it is directly adjacent to the Olympic complex for competition in cross country skiing and biathlon.

Putin signed a decree to toughen security measures during the Winter Olympics in Sochi, which begins on February 7th. All meetings and mass public events that are not related to the Olympic and Paralympic Games can thus be conducted from January 7 to March 21, 2014, if coordinated and agreed with Sochi authorities and adequate bodies of the Internal Affairs Ministry of the Russian Federation.



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