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Russia insists foreign interference into Ukrainian events should be avoided

03.05.2014 | Source:



Russia insists foreign interference into Ukrainian events should be avoided. 52695.jpeg
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It will be impossible for Ukraine to avoid catastrophic consequences if Kiev's criminal actions are not stopped, Vitaly Churkin, Russian Ambassador to the UN,  said at an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council. The Kiev regime flagrantly violated obligations of the Geneva Declaration from 17 April, stressed Russia's envoy to the UN.

According to Churkin, Russia insists external interference in what is happening in Ukraine should be avoided. Those who ordered to unleash bloodshed in Ukraine will suffer full responsibility to the people of the country, Russia's permanent representative to the United Nations said.

Ukrainian special forces began a special operation in the town of Slavyansk on May 2nd, with the use of armored vehicles and aircraft. At least three people have been killed in the clashes. Militiamen are armed with assault rifles, smooth-bore guns and firebombs.


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