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T-72 tank explodes during exercises in Russia, killing crew of 3

31.01.2014 | Source:


T-72 tank explodes during exercises in Russia, killing crew of 3. 52058.jpeg

At night of January 30, in the Khabarovsk region, near the village of Knyaze-Volkonskoe, a T-72 tank caught fire and exploded during military exercises. Two conscripts and their supervising officer were killed in the explosion.

A team of investigators arrived at the scene on January 31 in the morning.

Most likely, the cause of the tragedy was a violation of safety regulations. It was said that one of the soldiers managed to escape from the burning tank, but his life could not be saved.

The T-72 tank caught fire during shooting practice in the 64th Motorized Rifle Brigade "Mlechnik" in the Eastern Military District, at 21:03. The tank ammunition exploded afterwards.

The names of the victims are D. Garipov, lieutenant, 24 y.o., and conscripts E. Taktarov (18) drafted from Amursk, and 19-year-old A. Hartasov drafted from Yakutia.

It was said that the model of the burnt tank was not outfitted with automatic fire extinguishing system (activation of the system required pressing a special button).


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