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Ukraine spends $3 million on criminal military operation daily

30.05.2014 | Source:


Ukraine spends $3 million on criminal military operation daily. 52869.jpeg

One day of military operation in the south-east of the country costs Ukraine about $3 million.

In total, notes Utro.ru, to suppress the militias, Kiev has already spent more than $147 million. This makes up almost a half of the annual budget of Donetsk.

Also, military analysts say that if Ukrainian troops continue to use heavy weapons, the total cost of the war, taking into account the destruction of buildings and infrastructure, will increase tenfold.

The Kiev authorities declared a military operation against self-defense forces of the south-east of the country on 15 April 2014. According to experts, the 95th, 79th and 25th airmobile brigade, the 24th, 51st, 30th motorized rifle brigades, as well as units of the National Guard take part in military operations against the militia of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, writes Izvestia. So-called volunteer special battalions "Donbass," "Dnepr-1", "Dnepr-2", "Azov," sponsored by Ukrainian oligarchs, are involved in the criminal operation to suppress those who do not want to live under the power of the Kiev junta.

The National Guard of Ukraine that has been recently created in the country is completely demoralized due to huge losses, unprofessional management and low wages.

"Soldiers and officers experience in their own skin the stalemate situation, in which the largest military unit of the Land Forces of Ukraine has found itself," social activist Roman Martynyuk wrote on his Facebook page.

According to him, the soldiers of the battalion drink alcohol that they could purchase on their wages and refuse to carry out orders.

It goes about the soldiers, whose comrades were killed near Volnovaha. It was the largest single-stage loss of Ukrainian military during the operation: the combat helicopters that arrived to help the troops, opened fire on their own military men, supposedly by mistake.


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