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Israel determined to kill as many Palestinians as necessary

25.07.2014 | Source:




Israel determined to kill as many Palestinians as necessary. 53264.jpeg

Israel is not going to resume the  occupation of the Gaza Strip after military operation "Enduring rock" is completed. This was said by Minister Plenipotentiary, Deputy Chief of the Mission of the Israeli Embassy in Russia, Olga Slov.

"Israel left the Gaza Strip in order not to go back there again, - she said. - There is no such issue on the agenda. Steps will be taken to destroy the terrorist infrastructure," - she added, speaking of the goals of the operation.

At the same, Slov said that the operation should put an end to the shelling of Israel from the Gaza Strip. "This requires the demilitarization of the territory," she added.

"After Gaza is demilitarized, it will be possible to resume negotiations to regulate the crisis on the basis of the principle of two states," the representative of the embassy said.

Meanwhile, according to the Israeli army, the total number of casualties since the beginning of the punitive operation in Gaza made up 609 people, the communique from the IDF said on  July 22. The document says that another 3,720 people were injured. Israeli shells explode not only in so-called "terrorist tunnels", but hit schools and hospitals in Gaza too.

One may conclude that Israel is planning to kill as many Palestinians as necessary, up to genocide, if needed.



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