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Ukrainian troops take several journalists captive, including British national

23.07.2014 | Source:




Ukrainian troops take several journalists captive, including British national. 53231.jpeg

On July 23, in Donetsk, Ukrainian security officials captured a cameraman of news agency Anna-news. British journalist Graham Phillips, who works at TV channel Russia Today, was taken captive as well. Earlier, representatives of RT said that the journalist went to the area of the Donetsk airport on July 23 overnight. Afterwards, the connection with him was lost.

According to Anna-news, their cameraman, named only as Vadim, together with a group of journalists also went in the direction of Donetsk airport. He made his last ​​contact the night before, after which the connection with him was lost.

"Together with Vadim, three other journalists were taken prisoners, including Graham Phillips, a freelance RT correspondent," the agency said.

According to the agency, on the night of July 23, the militias attacked the airport in Donetsk. "The combat action was most active at around 3:00 a.m. Our cameraman Vadim was working in the epicenter of the fighting, and the stringers of RT were near him," Anna-news reports.

Earlier, the press service of RT said that Phillips went to the area, where the Ukrainian military are conducting the military operation against militia, although he did not have an assignment from the channel administration. Moreover, representatives of the Channel asked the Briton not to go to the combat zone, but he still went. In May of this year, Phillips had already found himself into the hands of Ukrainian law enforcement bodies; he spent two days in captivity.


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