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Slavyansk buries victims of clashes, Kiev determined to continue civil war

23.04.2014 | Source:


Slavyansk buries victims of clashes, Kiev determined to continue civil war. 52642.jpeg

Kiev is ready to listen to the requirements of the regions to meet them halfway, a message from the Cabinet of Ministers said. However, the news goes contrary to recent statements from the Rada-appointed Acting President of Ukraine, who demanded the military operation in the east of the country should be resumed.

Meanwhile, the 120,000-strong Slavyansk bids farewell to the victims of standoff. Three local men - Alexander Siganov, Sergei Rudenko and Pavel Pavelko - were killed in an attack on the northern checkpoint on April 20.

Militants of the Right Sector radical organization attacked the barricade defenders in the village of Bylbasovka. They opened fire at the defenders of the village, stabbing one of them to death. A unit of special forces arrived at the site of the clashes, and the attack was repulsed. Fighters killed one gunman, and seriously injured several others. They also destroyed the vehicles of the radicals and seized the MG -42 machine gun, ammunition and equipment.

In the neighboring town of Kramatorsk, defense fighters took control of key administrative buildings: the city police department, the Regional Office of Security Service of Ukraine, hosting the flags the Donetsk Republic.

The military airfield in Kramatorsk is still blocked. Local supporters of federalization, together with the members of self-defense groups control the barricades on the road to the airport. The new Kiev authorities use the runway to deploy special units in the north of the Donetsk region for the so-called anti-terrorist operation. However, local residents show massive resistance to any move of the illegitimate Kiev authorities.

In the Ukrainian capital, officials release new statements saying that they would soon begin an active phase of the special operation in the Donetsk region.

Ukrainian self-defense forces not going to give up
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