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Ukrainian FM blames Russia for Kiev's crimes

19.08.2014 | Source:


Ukrainian FM blames Russia for Kiev's crimes. 53387.jpeg

Ukrainian Minister for Foreign Affairs Pavel Klimkin accused Russia of futility of Berlin talks about the possibility of truce between government forces and militias in the east of Ukraine. According to the official, the Russian Federation refused to comply with certain conditions, RT says.

According to Klimkin, Russia did not claim responsibility for control of the border. The country, he added, also refused to admit that military men and defense hardware constantly cross the border, nor did it admit that the Russian military attack the territory of Ukraine.

"As far as I ​​understand, the Russian side is not ready to claim full responsibility for the effectiveness of control over the Ukrainian-Russian border. Russia is not ready to acknowledge the facts of border crossing by mercenaries, military equipment and attacks from the territory of Russia either," Ukrainian Foreign Minister said. 

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