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Ukraine's Verkhovna Rada admits water supplies to Crimea must be resumed

19.06.2014 | Source:




Ukraine's Verkhovna Rada admits water supplies to Crimea must be resumed. 52989.jpeg

The Committee on National Security and Defence of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a resolution stating the inadmissibility of the termination of water supplies to the Crimea.

Ukraine previously provided up to 85 percent of fresh water supplies to the Crimea through the North Crimean Canal from the Dnieper River. The water was used to irrigate farmland. However, after the reunification of the Crimea with Russia, the new authorities of Ukraine completely cut water supplies from the North Crimean Canal to the republic.

The Committee is preparing an appeal to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, which requests the government should quickly develop a series of activities at the international level to manage and resolve the issues related to water for the Crimea.

Noteworthy, Russia has already taken efforts to partially solve the problem of fresh water supplies for the Crimea. In addition, the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation delivers fresh drinking water to the Crimea from artesian wells.

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