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Ukrainian military men hoist Russian flags and side with people's militia

16.04.2014 | Source:



Ukrainian military men hoist Russian flags and side with people's militia. 52606.jpeg
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The military men of the Ukrainian army, who entered the town of Slavyansk, raised the Russian flag and sided with supporters of federalization.

In the center of Slavyansk, there are four combat vehicles, with paratroopers sitting on them in full regalia. Locals approach the military men to talk to them.

Illegitimate Kiev authorities went to war against their own people. A town of Kramatorsk in the Donetsk region was the first to be attacked. The Ukrainian army stormed the airfield near the town, at least 4 local militiamen were killed.

The Ukrainian soldiers, who raised the Russian flag on their armored vehicles in the morning of April 16th and joined the militia in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, the Donetsk region, explained their decision. The military said that the new Ukrainian authorities were not providing them with food for four days, Russia Today TV channel said.

"We decided not to fight against the people and not to defend such power," the men  said.

It was reported earlier today that Ukrainian armored vehicles entered the town of Slavyansk, which is controlled by people's militia, stopped near the district council building, removed the flags of Ukraine and handed over their weapons to militiamen.

The local population welcomed the military men shouting "Well done!" The people were applauding the men for more than 15 minutes.

In Kramatorsk, the crews of several armored personnel carriers, infantry vehicles and tanks also announced that they were siding with the militia.

Ukraine creates special forces against pro-Russian protesters

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