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Train derails in Moscow subway due to technical error, at least 10 killed

15.07.2014 | Source:


Train derails in Moscow subway due to technical error, at least 10 killed. 53166.jpeg

An accident took place on Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya Line of the Moscow subway. One or several cars of a train derailed in a tunnel. Several people were killed in the crash of the train. The exact number of victims is yet unknown.

Moscow's Department for Health said that five were killed in the accident, including, presumably, the train conductor and the intern. LifeNews TV channel reports that there were seven victims.

According to RIA Novosti, which refers to an EMERCOM representative, three people were killed. Interfax reports the same with reference to the head of the Moscow Department of Health, Georgy Golukhov.

"As many as 120 people sought medical help, 106 were rushed to 14 Moscow hospitals. More than half of them are in serious condition," said the head of the department. Some of the injured suffered vertebral fractures.

It was reported that the train with passengers stuck in the tunnel near "Slavic Boulevard" metro station due to voltage drops.

On the website of the Russian EMERCOM it was said that it was the false fire alarm that made the train stop abruptly. The department denies the information about smoke in the tunnel.

Due to the sudden stop, up to three cars of the train derailed. "The train was literally torn apart. The car was smashed, many people suffered, some were jammed in metal constructions," eyewitnesses said.

One of the cars of the train was blocked, and about 20 passengers could not get out of the car. Hydraulic equipment was used to help the people out. All of them were successfully evacuated.

According to most recent information, the death toll has climbed to 16 people and may continue to grow.

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