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Luhansk self-defense forces down Ukrainian transport aircraft with at least 49 on board

14.06.2014 | Source:




Luhansk self-defense forces down Ukrainian transport aircraft with at least 49 on board. 52948.jpeg
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The Ukrainian Defense Ministry claims that on Saturday night, June 14, the militias of self-defense forces shot down a military transport aircraft that was landing at the Luhansk airport. The downed Ilyushin 76 aircraft was supposed to deliver extra troops and ammunition. It was said that militias opened fire from anti-aircraft guns on the aircraft.

The message posted on the website of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, said that the IL-76 was transporting military personnel for the purpose of rotation, ITAR-TASS reports. There were servicemen, military hardware, equipment and supplies on board. According to Ukrainian military sources, there were at least 49 people on board the aircraft.

Nothing has been specified about the number of victims.

The situation at the airport of Luhansk remains tense. On Saturday night, helicopters of the Air Force of Ukraine, attacked a checkpoint near the village of Schastye (Happiness). Explosions were heard in another part of town, the village of Luhanskaya, where militias control two strategically important bridges.

According to most recent reports, all 49 on board have been killed.

Luhansk. After Air Strike

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