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Ukrainian troops open fire on Russian journalists

12.06.2014 | Source:




Ukrainian troops open fire on Russian journalists. 52943.jpeg
AP photo

Members of the crew of Russia's First Channel came under fire near Slavyansk in Ukraine, the website of the channel said on June 11.

"Today, the crew of the First Channel came under fire in the Donetsk region - they were working in the village of Semyonovka. This is, as they say, the cutting edge of defense of Slavyansk," the message said.

The Ukrainian troops have been shelling Semyonovka for a week already. Residents have left the village and return there only occasionally to check their homes, while Ukrainian armored vehicles shell buildings, reports Interfax.

The journalists came under fire as they were trying to reach the first line of trenches, to interview some of national militia fighters.

Meanwhile, the detention of Russian journalists, their humiliation, making death threats to them has become traditional on the side of the Ukrainian troops.

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