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Russian customs post on Ukrainian border evacuated due to shooting

10.07.2014 | Source:




Russian customs post on Ukrainian border evacuated due to shooting. 53140.jpeg

The command of customs post "Donetsk" in the Rostov region of Russia was forced to evacuate employees on Thursday morning due to the shooting near the neighboring Ukrainian post "Izvarino."

"Overall, the situation on the border remains tense. Gunfire was heard in Ukraine at night near the Russian customs posts "Gukovo" and "Novoshahtinsk," RIA Novosti reports.

At 8.30 p.m on July 9, employees of customs post "Novoshahtinsk" were also forced to take refuge in the basement of the administrative building because of intense fire in the area of the adjacent Ukrainian checkpoint "Dolzhansky." At midnight, Russian customs officers returned to their workplaces.

Last Saturday, about 10 ammunition exploded in the area adjacent to the Russian checkpoint "Donetsk". At the time of the shelling, there were about 50 people at the checkpoint. They were evacuated to the room, and then, under the cover of armored vehicles, the people were evacuated from the fire zone.

Constant attacks on checkpoints on the border with Russia seriously complicate the condition of refugees. Checkpoints do not work during attacks, and many refugees have to wait, while staying in the zone of fire.

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