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Ukrainian special forces refuse to fight against Ukrainians in Crimea

03.03.2014 | Source:




Ukrainian special forces refuse to fight against Ukrainians in Crimea. 52280.png

Ukrainian special forces refused to execute the order from central authorities of Ukraine to advance in the area of the Crimean isthmus for operations against self-defense units of the autonomous republic.

The soldiers explained that they do not understand, against whom they have to fight on the peninsula, ITAR-TASS said with reference to one of the commandos.

As the serviceman said, his comrades have relatives in the Crimea and he often goes for holidays in Evpatoria (a resort city in the Crimea), so many simply do not understand, for whom and against whom they are asked to fight.

This is not the first time when the Ukrainian military refuse to obey the authorities in Kiev. Previously, it was reported that the Chief of Naval Forces of Ukraine, Denis Berezovsky, sworn for Crimean people.

Ukraine throws itself into anti-Russian hysteria

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