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Russia, Ukraine and EU to discuss Ukraine's gas debt

09.06.2014 | Source:




Russia, Ukraine and EU to discuss Ukraine's gas debt. 52918.jpeg

On June 9, representatives of Russia, Ukraine and the European Commission will try to re-negotiate in Brussels Kiev's debt repayment for gas and determine the price for its further deliveries.

This will be the fifth round of tripartite talks on Ukraine's gas debt. The previous one was held in the Belgian capital on June 2. The head of Gazprom, Alexei Miller, said after that meeting that the sides could come to agreements to push back the time for the introduction of conditions of prepayment for Ukraine. Miller did not exclude a possibility to reduce the prices for gas for Ukraine either. There were different options named - to reduce customs duties or correct a price forming formula.

In fact, Kiev was ready to accept the price offered by the European Commission - 350-390 dollars per thousand cubic meters. Currently, Ukraine has to pay the price of $485 per thousand cubic meters. The country owes Russia $2,237 billion. A part of the debt - $786.4 million - has already been paid, which became a reason to continue the talks.

Ukranian crisis: gas factor, possible outcomes and class struggle

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