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Porn Star Arrested in Night Club for Acting Like Porn Star

Porn Star Arrested in Night Club for Acting Like Porn Star

Italian police arrested Brigitta Kocsis, a 27-year-old Hungarian porn star. She has been accused of performing obscene acts in a night club in the presence of minors.

Brigitta Kocsis, better known under the stage name of Brigitta Bulgari, was arrested in relation to a stage act she performed at a nightclub in Fossato di Vico in the province of Perugia. The porn star performed obscene acts in front of the young audience some of whom were believed to be under the age of 16, IANS/AKI reports.

Police were alerted to the act after photographs and comments regarding the show were uploaded by several teenage users on Facebook.

The actress suspected in pedophilia was arrested in Montebelluna, 60 km north of Venice, and she is being held in a local prison in Belluno. The naughty criminal who was popular as porn star was charged with “performing obscene acts in the presence of minors,” NEWSru Israel reports.

Brigitta Kocsis (Bulgari) was born on 29 September, 1982. This natural platinum blond likes to call herself a "fashion model." She was competing in triathlons from ages 15 to 19. She started modeling during her first year of college, where she was studying to become a lawyer. She left college in Budapest three years before graduation, and went to Milan to model.

Her first porn movie , "Fashion," was shot in a gym . This was her first experience of on-camera sex with another woman.

In October 2005, Bulgari gained publicity by streaking an Italian football game between Piacenza and Catanzaro, clad only in briefs and a man's necktie. She was arrested, but ended up posing for a naked picture with a police officer.

Bulgari works in Milan and Rome, Italy, and lives in Budapest. After the repeated arrest she may lose her right to work in Italy.

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