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Fascist massacre in Odessa: Shocking details unveiled



Fascist massacre in Odessa: Shocking details unveiled. 52718.jpeg
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The death toll from the massacre in Odessa's House of Trade Unions is said to be 116, not 46, as it was reported earlier. Some were burned alive, others suffocated in toxic smoke, some others jumped to their deaths out of the windows of the burning building, or were shot in the head. On May 6th, Odessa held the first funeral ceremony for the victims of the terrible tragedy.

While the people of Odessa are mourning the victims, the head of Ukraine's Security Bureau, Nalivaychenko, says the protests of federalization supporters should be suppressed in a few days. Interior Minister Avakov is sending a special purpose battalion to "help" Odessa.

"There was some kind of gas, from which it was simply impossible to breathe. That is, the airways would be clogged to such an extent that people would just lose consciousness. There was something else in the air, not just carbon monoxide, that created the strangling effect. They wanted us to suffocate and burn," one of the few survivors named only as Yuri said.

Medics said that many of the victims died without receiving any skin burns: their lungs burnt from inside.

"We were knocked down on the floor, all men, and they told us: "Everybody down!" Then they started beating us with bats, on our heads and backs. We did not know what to do. Then they took us out to the hallway, to the fire escape and through the back door. They threw us in to a puddle, and Right Sector militants continued to beat us there," a survivor of the horrific attack said.

In Odessa, people do not believe the official information, which says that the number of victims is 46. Many charred bodies were found on the floor of the House of Trade Unions. Some of them had only upper part of the body and hands burnt, while the lower part was left untouched by the fire. This may mean that the raging militants would pour fuel on the heads of the people and then set them on fire. The hands of such victims are charred to the bone, which means that the victims were trying to put down the fire on their heads and torsos. There are women and young people among the killed.

Illegitimate Prime Minister Yatsenyuk did not come to the House of Trade Unions to lay flowers in memory of those who died there terrible deaths. He came to Odessa to replace the administration of the local Ministry for Internal Affairs.

Not less than a thousand militants of the Right Sector nationalist movement have reportedly arrived in Odessa from Dnepropetrovsk. The brutal clashes in Odessa may continue.


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